Thursday, 17 April 2014

Do It Like A Dude

If you could be anyone else for a day - who would you be?

I'd be a dude. Definitely. Any lad in the whoooole world... just for a day.

This was today's little daydream. It's 1.14pm, I've finished my cashew nuts, and I'm contemplating life - with seven Asos tabs open for casual browsing, obv. I found myself looking at Asos Men, and I got to thinking about how I'd dress if I were a bloke. Then I threw in what that bloke would be like, just for a laugh.

The results are below. Hang onto your hats folks - it's about to get weird up in here.
The inoffensive cardi-bloke. 

I'm the strong silent type. I like to make out that I don't know anything about 'fashion', but I know exactly what I'm doing. The crisp white buttoned up shirt to contrast my surfer boy hair, a mardigan (man's cardigan - duh) thrown on top to show you how beefy my shoulders are...
Ladies - this was no accident.


I am man. I have beard. I wear jumper. End of.
I look pretty...sad, right? Probably because my jumper isn't really even that thick. And my ridiculous beard led my girlfriend to dump me. 
Maybe if I'd put more thought into my fashion sense than my facial hair, life would be better.
Probably not. 
Beardy beard beard <3

The logo lad.

I know about fashion, and I want you to know that I know about fashion. But really - I don't know anything about fashion. If it's in the shop window, I've already bought it baby. You like that, huh? Maybe one night I could take you out to dinner, sit across from you wearing this ridiculous sweatshirt, and let you feel inferior to the babe on my chest all night. 

THEN I thought (oh god, she's still thinking) - guy bashing aside - I wonder if they categorize us as ridiculously as I just have, based on what we wear. What would they say about what I'm wearing right now?

Then I remember - when it comes round to a guy, and a guys state of mind - he whole heartedly doesn't give a shit. 
This is why I could, and should, never be a guy. I definitely think too much.

Wait - I take it back. I'd be Zac Efron for a day. I'd be Zac Efron all day. Every day.
What a nifty lil gif-ty.

What kind of bloke would you be?

Sunday, 6 April 2014


Birthdays are beautiful things. They bring us together with our families. They bring us cake. And they bring us vouchers. Oohhh boy, do they bring us vouchers...

Here's a little peek at some of the birthday threads I've bought this week - sorry about the vile photography. I toyed with the idea of buying a decent camera a while back, but chose to buy new clothes instead. The day I almost bought an iPhone I was probably distracted by a shoe sale. I hope you can see the pattern here...

Blog world - meet coat. She's a beauty int she? And only £20 from the wondrous! Well worth taking the bash of just fitting in a size L thanks to their tiny Chinese sizing. 
Sweden is an awesome country. Have I ever been? Well, no. But if she keeps hurlin' shoes like this my way for £15 with free p&p... I'm takin that bitch out for margaritas. 
I'm a skirt guy now. Yes I am. Yes I am, yes I am, yes I am. Shout out to Mama Bear or the Zara voucher that brought this beautiful skirt/jumper combo into my life! 

So there you go - that's my haul!
Did I do it right?

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Being ladies.

I'm grateful to Emerald Street for a lot of things... mid morning laughs at silly dog photos, discovering new cafes and restaurants, and adding new books to the I-need-to-read-this-oh-wait-I-never-have-time-to-read-anymore list... but for their Two For One Afternoon Tea offer that flagged up in my inbox last week - I send them a big fat HIGH FIVE.

As Mothers Day fell on my birthday this year, I arranged to take my mum out on Monday instead. Living away from my home town, I always enjoy whatever chance I get for a bit of one on one time with her - spoiling her for a change ain't bad either.
Scrubbed up for Mother's Day.

So at a totally unreasonable 9am, we set off to start our day. Before heading into town for lunch, it was a quick stop off at the Beatson for a treatment (the cancer kind, not a mani and pedi kind unfortunately). Being away from home makes me forget sometimes that the cancer thing is still such a big part of mums routine, so in a way it was good for me to go with her to the hospital. 

Rachael, what is this - a post about hospitals or cream cakes and fluffy scones? I know, I know - sorry.

We got to Blythswood Square in Glasgow at 12pm, even though our booking wasn't until half past. I imagine we looked like hungry little puppies skipping up those front steps to the doorman, but he never let on. We walked into the lobby as casually as we could, trying to control our little noses from sniffing out the goods before we'd even reached The Salon.

A facially gifted waiter showed us to our table - sorry - couches, and brought us drinks while we waited for our food. Mum and I shared a few schoolgirl giggles every time he looked in our direction, but he might as well have been a slab of pavement the moment that food came out of the kitchen...

Smoked salmon and cream cheese on sun dried tomato bruschetta
Prosciutto and relish on sun dried tomato bruschetta
 Sandwiches with beef & horseradish, ham & mustard, emmental & pesto

Fruit and plain scones with butter and jam

Mini Cake Selection - strawberry tart, chocolate brownie, lemon drizzle cake, and carrot cake.

Just to be clear - that was EACH. All washed down with a glass of Prosecco and a delicious latte, I was just about ready to curl up on the couch for a nap. I wouldn't even have minded if tasty waiter had joined me.

Blythswood Square was just as lovely as I imagined it. The food was delicious, the staff were really attentive, and my mum really enjoyed herself. I repeat - high five Emerald Street. Thanks for a lovely day out!