Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Spending money I don't have.

Today I'm bringing you a fashion post. I'm not telling you what to buy, or claiming to know what's in's simply here to show you what I've squandered my money on this week, and allows me to fake the shoppers guilt I should be feeling - as I sit and stroke all my new purchases.

First up is my floral trousers from Asos - yes, they feel like pyjamas. But they certainly don't LOOK like pyjamas. I still love the floral trend and the grey in these make me feel less silly about wearing them in Autumn.

The Aztec jacket is from H&M. I have no explanation for this purchase other than: I happened to walk past it on my way to the leggings. But I did receive many a compliment when I wore it in to the office on Monday!

My Lost Found tank is an Asos sale beauty by Mango, and the other two are from A Question Of - also from Asos. (YES - that is Mary Kate & Ashley. In da hood.)

Finally! My favourite purchase... the Hermes tote bag. Just about as close as I'll ever come to owning a Hermes - but I don't mind telling people that I intend to buy one someday, it's much cooler than "I will genuinely never be able to afford a Hermes Bag. Boo."

Wait, I think somewhere in there the shoppers guilt was meant to kick in...

Oh well, I won't hold my breath.

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