Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Fitting Room Ideal

If there was a 'fitting room watt' bulb available - I'd use it in every room of the house.

I have a friend who point blank refuses to try things on in a fitting room. REFUSES. And it completely baffles me. Why would you choose to buy something to then try it on at home and, after deciding that said something makes you look like a crazed shoulder pad fanatic (and THAT, is where my love of fitting rooms comes from...) have to take it all the way back to the shop?

It got me thinking about the way some people feel about these compact little decision makers. While it is a handy thing to have, you shouldn't trust them too quickly. In reference to the fitting room bulb, I think we can all agree that you can prance around the 65x50" box like Kate Moss for a good twenty minutes - but as soon as it comes to wearing your new purchase at home, away from the fitting room, you hate hate hate it. 

So while some girls take issue with the many mirrors reflecting all their 'bad bits', my issue is that the fitting room makes me look BETTER than I actually do. I think I might start calling them 'Fixing Rooms' instead... little rooms that provide a short lived ego boost by tricking you into thinking you look amazing. Which is wonderful when I'm having my Moss moment - but not so great the other 23hrs and 40 mins of the day...

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