Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My Savings.

Football is a terrible, terrible sport. Football… makes me shop.

There was a game on last night with a pitch and men and a ball and… whatever. So I amused myself by having a browse on Asos – as you do – and before half time, much to my boyfriend’s disgust, I had packed my Save For Later list with £600 worth of clothes, shoes and bags.

Save for later – now isn’t that a beautiful thing? I love that they don’t call it a Wish List, like so many other websites. The phrase ‘Save For Later’ just feels like I’m making a promise to the item – a promise that I’m coming back for the little guy, even if it takes a while … a promise that can’t, and shan’t, be broken.

I wish I could say that I use it to collect whatever tickles my fashion fancy, only to mull over my decisions later and remove everything after putting it down to “impulse buying”. However, this is not the case. Before I know it, I find myself making up a number of ridiculous scenarios in my head about when I would need said item, in a desperate attempt to justify the purchase.

 For example – I probably don’t need the floor length, ball gown-esque Grecian style maxi dress as we move into Autumn. But then I, somewhat frantically, start to think about why I DO need it. What if a friend gets married and I need a dress to wear? Oh wait, none of my friends are even engaged. But what if I make a NEW friend, who IS engaged and SHE invites me to her wedding? Before you know it you’ve created an entirely fictional character and married her off just for the sake of purchasing a dress that you know you don’t need.

At this point, when I’m breaking out in cold sweats and questioning my own sanity, there’s really only one thing for it…
Save For Later.
Dress – I'll see you next week.
Ps – I am available for any and all upcoming nuptials. Guest, ringbearer, reverend – I'm easy, as long as I can wear my new dress.

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