Saturday, 21 December 2013

Staying in.

"Oh the weather outside is frightful" - but my bank balance is even more terrifying.

Christmas is lovely; the fairy lights are pretty, the food is great, the family time is oh so precious - but the financial side of it makes me want to take Santa outside for a swift boot up the arse.

Even after cutting down on the presents this year, I think I've still overspent a little... so it's Saturday night, I'm sitting with a mouthful of Ferrero Rocher, playing backup singer to Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas is you - and I'm having a ball. Honestly, if Ryan Gosling himself asked me on a date right now, I'd have to rain check his fine ass. I don't know if living with a boy has made me adopt more female tendencies or if I'm jut getting boring in my ripe old age of 23, but sometimes a girl just needs some time to herself to... be a girl!
Even though I'm not defined by another person, I'm with Oscar on the alone time. It gives you time to reflect, to relax, to give yourself a stern talking to - whatever you need at the time, you can count on yourself to deliver. Sure, socialising with friends is a huge part of my life - but while it might sound boring to others, nights like these roll some of my favourite things into one. Sex and the city, Elle magazine, Bloglovin, Pinterest, chocolates and hilarious conversations with my best friend via text (because I'm not a complete introvert) are just a few of life's good stuff in my eyes - and I get a whole evening of it!

Throw in a puppy and I'd probably wet myself. 

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