Friday, 4 October 2013

Autumn Crazies.

I can't say I have a favourite season. I look forward to one as much as the next, and then moan about each one just the same when it eventually comes around. There are certain habits though, that we appear to adopt at the turn of a new season that, to be honest, make us all seem a little mad. Here are just a few things that we deem completely acceptable when the cold weather sets in...

The first and most obvious - moan about the cold weather.
Drink copious amounts of tea or coffee to warm yourself up rather than just throwing on another layer.
Use the turn in weather as a valid excuse to buy an entire new wardrobe and shun everything else you have owned up until this moment.
Go to bed 2 hours earlier than usual because its ‘so dark outside’.
That run you keep saying you’ll go for? Not now - s'too cold. Maybe next year when Spring sets in…
Justify paying £4 for a coffee because of Starbucks' cute little red Christmas cups.
Soup isn't a boring diet meal anymore - it's a necessity to stay alive. 
Start popping the paracetamol on a daily basis in a desperate, but doomed, attempt to fend off the flu making it's way round the office.
Eat three times the usual amount of carbs now that we are a safe distance from Bikini Season and running into the arms of Sweater Season.
Stop wasting your time checking the weather forecast because you now know the answer will almost always be: Rain.
Buy a hat. Never wear it.
Nap. Nap all the time.

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Does anyone else have some Autumn crazies they'd like to share? 
Every one of you who don't reply are dirty, dirty liars.


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