Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wearing the trousers.

I love that my last two words on the last post were: "I'll write."
Then... nothing.

Had you going for a while there didn't I? Apologies for staying away - the combination of moving house, no internet in the new flat and working through my lunch hours has resulted in complete radio silence recently. But no more! I have returned to bring you a ramble about relationships and some pictures of pretty clothes - hurray!

So my issue today is with being a psycho girlfriend. Or in my case - not being a psycho girlfriend. Confused? Me too.
When it comes to who wears the trousers in their relationship, this is what I've noticed:
Those who say they wear the trousers are lying, because they know better than to upset their significant - trouser wearing, relationship ruling - other. Those who say they don't, do so in a smug manner that so obviously proves that they are never out of their favourite pair.

Pretty trousers: Courtesy of Asos.
I can honestly say that in my relationship - we're all about skirts. No, Ewan is not a crossdresser - I just think we're both chilled enough to not take control of the relationship and make it one sided.
I know - if we were chocolate I'd eat us, right?

One doomed day recently, when Ewan let words tumble from his mouth, unaware of what was around the corner, we found ourselves discussing this very subject. Then boo let slip that his friends seem to think I let him off his leash too much. 
Oh hell no.
Firstly - I'm dating a crossdresser, not a dog.
Secondly - If he needs a leash, then we have problems more serious than who wears trousers and who doesn't.
Thirdly - I'm just not a psycho girlfriend. Soz.

I know you might think I should jump to the defence of womankind here and say that we're not psychos, we're just misunderstood, men make us this way...but I won't. Bitches be cray.
My problem is, I now feel like I'm being criticised for not being a psycho. 
Are they all having a right good laugh about how he does whatever he wants and I just "allow it"? Does Ewan join in? Does he think he can do what he wants without considering me?
Suddenly, before you know it - you're psycho girlfriend personified. 

Take my advice - try out a skirt once and a while. It could make things a whole lot easier.

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