Friday, 1 November 2013

My H2Overdose.

I’ve decided to drink more than 3 sips of water a day – I hear it’s good for you.
This has been long overdue. I know that I don’t deserve a medal for treating my body to the water it needs, and I should probably get a swift clip round the ear for not doing this sooner - but I’ve decided to blog about this incase there are people out there as daft as me.

Preach it, Shakira.

I have some serious skin issues, so I’m really hoping to hydrate my face more than anything else (take a back seat, digestion and internal organs), and I’ve decided to photo –document my face over the next 6 weeks to see if I notice a difference. The pictures won’t be shown until the 6 weeks is up, because my skin is so horrendous now – you’ll just have to believe that I’ve not doctored the images in any way before the reveal!

The health benefits of simply drinking water should make it a no brainer – better functioning insides, faster digestion, faster metabolism, more brain activity – and most importantly, it helps identify when you’re actually hungry and when you’re just being a wee fat pie. Genius!

The only downside to all this water consumption is the endless trips to the loo at the other end of the hall – but that counts as cardio, right?


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