Friday, 18 October 2013

This Huge Pond.

When I started blogging a couple of months ago, I was never really sure if anyone would read it. As you all know, the Blogging pond is the biggest of them all... and I'm a teeny tiny little fish in it. A tadpole, even.

But now, I find myself checking on a daily basis if page views have gone up/comments have been left/Instagram has been liked as if my life depends on it. I'm really thankful for all the people who tune into Me, Myself And... 
but you're all a bunch of bloody teases.

I think if you've enjoyed reading a post, you should want to follow the blog, but I would hate to be one of these people who pesters other bloggers for follows ("follow 4 follow?" Gurrrl, please.). If someone is here, reading what I've written, I want them to actually take it in and enjoy it. Or have a bit of a laugh. Or even hate it and troll all over my page! The point is, they're reading it. That's what matters. 

It's quite an intimidating community to come into - always wondering 'how did she make her blog look like that? How does she have so many followers? Is my writing as good as theirs?'
But it's important when starting out to stay true to what you wanted to achieve with the blog. I wanted somewhere to write, because I love it. I also wanted to post about clothes, because I love them. Writing is what makes me happy, not page views.

So yes, I hope that one day my blog will find its way to some loyal followers. But until then...

 I'll write.


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