Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bags and boys.

I don’t even want to get into the topic of balls, or how much time men spend fondling them. But ol’ Carrie was definitely onto something here… I do feel naked without my bag. 

The insecurity that comes with going bag free in public is baffling – especially considering the fact that nothing of any great importance is ever in there. 99% of the time, my bag is essentially made up of makeup that’s not even on my face that day… and a never-ending stock of receipts (Sidenote: I never return anything anyway). But without it, I just feel incomplete. 
Boys do not understand this turmoil.

It’s usually a toss-up between “Why do you need a huge bag – what’s in here?!” and “It’s tiny – what could you possibly fit in here?!” but my answer is always the same – MIND YO’ BUSINESS.

Yes, we may ask you to hold our bag occasionally when we have more important stuff to tend to. But that doesn’t mean that we like knowing the bag is right there, by our side should we need it. Yes, we probably will change our entire outfit in favour of the bag if, when asked “Does this bag go with my outfit?, you hesitate for even a millisecond. And no, we won’t stop our mad bag-lady ways, so quit bugging us about it.

Back off, boys - you're fighting a losing battle. Put it this way - what if we told you that you couldn’t rearrange your bits/heat your mits/grab em in a LAD like manner in public for a whole day? Carnage. It would be utter carnage.

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