Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Last Thing You Did Tag!

When I hear the word 'tag', I usually associate it with the gut wrenching moments leading up to me seeing a less than flattering photo from a recent night out that has been unleashed to the unforgiving eyes of Facebook. 

Not anymore! I've decided to get involved in Tag posts because I think they're a fun thing to do between your more personal posts. I got this tag from Andreea :) Here goes!

1. Who did you last talk to? My friend Louise in work. We went to grab a coffee and I was telling her how I ate a big lunch yesterday in the hopes of having a smaller dinner at night… but ended up eating everything in my kitchen by 9pm. Woopsee.

2. What was the last outfit you wore? Ummmm, if now doesn’t count then yesterday I was wearing… black leggings, Asos ankle boots and a black and embellished dress from Forever 21!

3. What was the last thing you ate? Belvita biscuits for breakfast this morning. S’all about having that balanced diet eh?

4. What was the last thing you drank? Water. I’m really bad at drinking it (I struggle to have more than one glass of anything a day unless I remind myself to drink – cups of coffee excluded) so I keep a glass on my desk at all times!

5. Last sport you played? Personally, I see shopping as a sport… but I’m not sure how widespread that opinion is so I’d sayyy… last week when my boyfriend let me have a shot of his kickboxing gloves (I was shattered after 5 minutes!).

6. Who did you email last?  I emailed Helen over at www.thelovecatsinc.com to sort out some advertising space! J

7. Which one of your friends did you talk last?  My old flatmate about half an hour ago. He keeps misspelling words in his text messages and I’m winding him up about it :)

8. What was the last thing you watched on TV? Revenge last night – I know, I know! But it’s one of those shows that’s so bad, it’s good. Don't judge me.

9. Last blog you checked? The LittleMagpie – it’s one of my favourites and Amy has just posted her first YouTube video. Go watch it!

10. Last game you played? “Bagsy not cooking dinner” – that counts, right? A game I always win…

I tag YOU!

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