Thursday, 27 February 2014

Hats Off To You

I never figured myself for a hat gal. Even in the freezing conditions of bonny Scotland, it's always been me and my napper against the world - no hats required. After a brief dabble in beanies recently - claiming in this photo on Instagram that 'hats are my thing now' - I reverted back to my hatless ways.

A chance trip to Tesco last weekend changed all that. While perusing the cheese counter (Mm, cheese.), a girl walked past - basket in one hand, phone in the other... and a chic looking fedora up top. I'm not sure what I found so mesmerizing about it - I must have been on a cheese high - but I continued down the same aisle to have another look. 

I found myself at a perfect hat creeping distance in the frozen aisle when suddenly, she turned round. Panicked, I reached for the closest freezer and pulled a grab of green beans, popped them in my basket and walked away. That was a close one.

Every time I go into my freezer and see those green beans, I can't help but think "Damn - I gotta get me a hat."

Aww, look how happy they are together!
That's it - I'm getting one.

Are you a mad hatter? Hook a sista up!

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